Vivid destination wedding photograpy
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You've reached Perrine & François and you are welcome ! Over the past fifteen years, I have been an editorial advisor in various sectors, including politics, advertising or the publishing world. A strong author or consultant experience in communication with a deep understanding of visual arts rooted in an extensive technical background of graphic design and 2D engineering I've been practising for almost two decades (and well before credentials) very naturally drove me into photography. My signature combines a raw photojournalistic approach to a style aimed to simplicity, trying to understand refined imagery's components for timeless elegance.

As my love partner as well as an experienced stylist and image consultant for theater and cinema, Perrine helps me to get the best of me in capturing details on the spot and igniting inspiration on many levels – all essential to excellent photography. She is a gift and is cheerfully and fully availabe to give you precious pieces of advices according to your dress, costume, floral decoration of your reception venue and, more importantly, help you to put into perspective the aesthetic appeal and balance of combinations of micro things for the best and genuine fit to you seek for your unique wedding.

Going pro for love : here the reasons why you couldn't be mistaken to hire us to cover your special day.

Passion in pole position

Our creation meets its fundamental requirement : being able to rise to the underlying expectations of a vivid encounter. It's never well enough said – the beauty and exactness of your wedding photographs directly depends on your photographer's commitment to you on a basic human level.

Natural outcome

Since our earliest years we've being seizing every opportunity for creation. We never stopped to create. In many ways : drawing, writing, clothing/photo design, film editing or, for both of us, in mentoring. On every occasion : as well on professional ground as hobbies and vacation time.


We want to make you feel the pulse of your big day. We hardly direct. We observe a lot and embrace the motion of your day. We reflect. Our narration is immersive and we firmly believe that unprompted postures and pictures make the best of wedding photography at its finest.

Caring & discretion

We blend in with the decor and let ourselves be carried away by the flow of events without disturbing the natural movement of your story. The instant captured and told in its undisturbed authenticity, without being forced, is an art in itself and the core of our trademark.

Emotionally awake

As a common fact amongst our peers, we're going about our activities as conveyors of meaning with a craftsman's enthusiasm. We put heart and conscience on our art in what we do. Creation is bonding – sustainably : this is what we do, striving to go above and beyond to offer excellence in the experience we provide.

Intuitive approach

Working in accordance with the circumstances, thoroughly attuned with the particular atmosphere of the moment, driven by educated instinct and inspired intuition, we conduct every reportage without any ready-made formula. Your wedding is generously documented and your pictures are developped following a customized recipe.

Full presence

Totally invested in our art of photography, we encourage you to opt for full coverage of the day, from bride preparation to the night fever after the first dance, in order to let us retransmit your story from start to finish, without loss or compromise, and deliver a family heirloom that will prove to be unvaluable to you and your beloved ones.

Integral dedication

From the first words exchanged to the delivery of your pictures and years later, we are and remain cheerfully flexible and available. Our services must be automatically understood for you by that attentive and innate presence. We calculate little and, as said, wedding photography is intimately more than just images.

Visually informed

Trained in visual communication, passionate about human sciences or arts, especially cinema, scenic and pictorial arts, we're penetrating observers shaped by a manifold and artistic experience. Our inspiration is continuously enriched and renewed via a multitude of sources and horizons.

Photographically aware

We're focus on delivering you photographs treated with a particular care, avoiding frills, short-lived effects, ephemeral fashionable gimmicks that doesn't age gracefully. We produce images captured and developed to withstand time in a spirit of lasting elegance.

No compromission

As we consider human photography as a wonderful way to live and a chance, our work integrates the relationship to the creation, which we cannot be held separated. In other words, we flee from a seller attitude and seek integrity. We don't take honesty for a pet theme but for key guidance.

Way of life

Staying confident in ourselves and capabilities as well as living up to the trust you place in us requires that we continue to train and learn. Our guiding creed : questioning and openness, that come along with empathy and taste for effort. Sparking joy through photography is our path.

We are different

As artists in particular, we differentiate ourselves by the technical and photographical mark of the recognizable work that we render. As people in general, we usually do leave a strong impression on the newlyweds, guests and people we have the chance to meet.

Tact, our cup of tea

Although he's invisible, paparazzi isn't discrete, but intrusive. We endeavour to put at ease all our subjects with a pleasant presence. Yet we also know how to make us forget by making our absence not burdensome. Delicacy and thoughtfulness qualify as crucial aspects of our profession.

Technically ready

A long itinerary in web development and creation of various digital contents brings us an insured mastery of our gear. From shooting phase to the post-production process : no weak link in the creation chain.

Mentally and physically sharp

Physical endurance – and mental related thereto – is a largely underestimated factor in our field. We keep ourselves at great health to maintain a high level of energy and concentration and to be at peek for your wedding for which we'll give everything.