True beauty is shared and perennial

We passionately believe

Being a photographer is both a wonderful and privilegied opportunity to carry out the role of a communicator or facilitator – through the joy and wonder that is shared around photography – of what reunites us at its core beyond masks, pretenses or calculations petiteness. Wedding photography undoubtedly plays as an awareness milestone to emphasize our being and the essence of happiness. Simply put, you'll perceive us as mates quite as much as your photographers : we're lovers before all.

Upon creativity

Relationship's quality – far to be exhausted by clear communication – is an underrated factor of wedding photography as it is a vastly mistunderstood concept on a common level. We're confident in our art because we know where it takes its roots. Quality of connections we make is a necessary and irreductible condition of the beauty of the images we'll create. No trite. As major ingredient, it has to be taken care of. As we stand amid a multitude of educational or collective pieces of work and initiatives, we're excelling at making you feel at ease. No salesmen's smile – we genuinely care and invigorate our principle working together as a couple in a coordinated way from start to finish.

Classical yet up-to-date

Both from generation Y start, like no other we rock are at the inteface of two eras, simultaneously in phase with a classical cultural background we've been taught and a multimedia environment we've been growing with. We live and have heritage on antic and contemporary in everything we do and love. That tangibly appears in our ability to intimately connect with the young and the older people, with everything in the middle ! We connect dots and joys on a very strong cultural basis.

Security & craftmanship

In addition to my graphical and communication advisor activities, as a programmer, day-to-day computer user, or more broadly as a technology aficionado, I developped over the past two decades modus operandi and good habits – that I developed and sell as operational systems for various working environments. As a recognized stylist and costume designer in Belgian arts community, Perrine appears to be a natural enhancement to our creation that she fills in the most gracious way. Her double reading is of the utmost importance, for vantage point on shooting, scenic composition and image, decorating consultant beforehand.

Photography, as artistic experience in general, only finds its true meaning when the incentive to rediscover human experience's joy is at stake.

Full day coverage starts at 3110 €.
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